UQ Bangladesh Association (UQBDA) is an official association of UQU at the University of Queensland to represent Bangladeshi community. Presently it has 53 members (3 faculties, 4 post docs, 4 staff, 33 PhD Students, 7 masters students and 2 bachelor students). The official facebook page of UQBDA is open for UQBDA members, well-wishers and friends. Through relentless endeavour of the Executive Committee (EC) members over the past eight plus months, UQBDA has spanned itself as an umbrella for Bangladeshi students. The running as well as founding Executive Committee consists of 11 members which is headed by President and backed-up by vice-president, general and cultural secretary, treasurer and six executive members. This committee was formed on 7th March, 2014. An advisory panel of 15 consisting faculties and staff is supporting UQBDA with their valuable suggestions and advices. The aims and objectives of this association are:

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