1st UQBDA Conference

Taking Bangladesh Forward

A Conference on Higher Degree Research Works on Bangladesh at the University of Queensland and other adjoining universities

Date: 27 September 2016

The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, QLD 4072

Prof. Rehman Sobhan on 'Bangladesh: Pathways to the Future'

About The Conference

Bangladesh’s development gains over the past several decades have been impressive: it went from a food importer to a food exporter; its economy has grown at nearly 6 percent annually for more than 20 years; it has cut poverty rate by half over the last 15 years, and reduced under-five mortality by nearly 75 percent between 1990 and 2015. Furthermore, innovations by Bangladeshi institutions such as Grameen Bank and BRAC that introduced microfinance, non-formal education, cost-effective oral-rehydration therapies and its Rice Research Institute’s High Yielding variety of rice have not only transformed lives of tens of millions of its own people but also those of the world’s poor, especially women and children.

However, despite these positive gains, many challenges remain for this dynamic country. One-third of Bangladeshis still live in poverty. Its combination of high population density and low elevation make it highly susceptible to rising sea levels and extreme weather events. With more than 160 million people living in an area that is 11 times smaller than that of Queensland (there is an interesting comparison – if you put the entire population of the world into Australia, you get the same density of people that Bangladesh has got), Bangladesh’s challenges are formidable and these range from food security, employment, environmental sustainability, gender empowerment, equity, social justice and good governance. Bangladesh’s rising urbanization is also posing a different set of challenge for the country.

In order to sustain the momentum of national achievement and address various challenges that continue to confront the country, Bangladesh must put emphasis on research and explore new options and strategies for development. The University of Queensland (UQ) has been playing an important part, although indirectly, in building Bangladesh’s human, intellectual and research capacities through its educational and research programmes attended by researchers and scholars from Bangladesh.

The growing presence of Bangladeshi students at UQ led to the formation of University of Queensland Bangladesh Association (UQBDA) in 2014 to create a UQ-based platform for Bangladeshi students, academics and other staff to promote Bangladeshi values and culture in the wider UQ community. There are now around 130 Bangladeshi students studying various subjects and researching on issues as varied as social, human and physical sciences to engineering and technology. Bangladeshi origin faculty members, post-doc fellows and staff are enlisted as Advisors of this association. Since its inception UQBDA has successfully held regular social and cultural events to fulfil their own and that of larger UQ community’s multi-cultural needs. In 2016, it has taken an extraordinary initiative to organise a one-day conference for Bangladeshi-background RHD students at UQ and other local universities to exchange information and share ideas from their current research projects.

UQBDA firmly believes that the Conference would be an important forum for presenting and sharing information and strengthening Bangladesh-centric RHD works that are currently being conducted by both the Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi students and academics at UQ and other adjoining universities in Brisbane.

Goal & Objectives Of The Conference

The overarching goal of the conference is to establish a research network among Bangladeshi researchers conducting their studies on various issues on Bangladesh at the universities in and around Brisbane, Australia.

The specific objectives of the conference are:

  • To create a platform for regular communication and collaboration amongst researchers working on various issues on Bangladesh in and around Brisbane.
  • To foster a network amongst Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi researchers in a specific field of research interest, as well as multi-disciplinary research interests on issues regarding Bangladesh.
  • To add new knowledge and skills for the development of Bangladesh.

The UQBDA also looks forward to making linkages between different research and academic institutions in Bangladesh and those of Australia to expand the outcomes from the aforementioned objectives.

Theme of the conference

The conference theme relates to progress and development of Bangladesh and taking Bangladesh forward in a globalising world. Any research topic that has the potential to contribute to the broad development agenda of Bangladesh can be presented at the conference as an oral presentation or a poster. Topics can be drawn from the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Business, Commerce, Science and Engineering.

Targeted participants

This conference has targeted the following participants to contribute:

  • Academics: Who have general interest in development and those who are working on different projects relevant to development issues in Bangladesh.
  • Advanced RHD (MPhil and PhD) students: Preferably who have already passed their Confirmation Milestone. RHD graduates are most welcome.
  • Research Masters students/graduates: Who have conducted their research works on Bangladesh issues.

Thus, Academics and students/graduates working (or finished) on Bangladesh development issues irrespective their nationality are invited to participate in the conference. The targeted universities are: UQ, QUT, GU, SCU and CQU (participants from other universities are also welcome).

Abstract submission

Abstracts (within 300 words) are called on for (i) Oral presentation, and (ii) Poster presentation. Abstracts on any research works on Bangladesh issues (see the themes of the conference) that have been carried out following theoretical and methodological rigour are invited for oral presentation. Any preliminary research work or research idea or work in-progress can be submitted in the form of poster presentation. Participants have the freedom to select the mode of presentation. The final decisions will be taken by the panel of reviewers.

Please write your abstract using the ‘Abstract submission template’ and email it to uqbdaconference@gmail.com as a .doc or .docx file by 7 September 2016. The accepted abstracts will be notified by e-mail on 15 September 2016 (Abstract submission due (extended): 7 September 2016)

Call for abstracts

Review system

A single peer review system to review the submitted abstracts for both oral and poster presentations.

Mode of presentations

(i)      Oral presentation:

One of the authors (in case of multiple authors) will present their research for 15 mins followed by 5 mins discussion and Q/A session. The oral presentation in the form of PPT slides will follow the standard structure like: title of the research, name(s) of the author(s) with affiliation(s), introduction/background/context, methodology, results and discussions, and conclusions. There will be a Chair for each of the sessions who will conduct the whole session.

(ii)    Poster presentation:

We are flexible in poster size. Any standard size of poster is accepted. The size of the poster should be enough to contain the full content of the poster. The font, font size and colour, table and figure should be clearly visible from at least 3 feet distance. The poster should include standard structure like: title of the research, name(s) of the author(s) with affiliation(s), abstract, introduction/background/context, methodology, results, conclusions and references (APA 6 style). There will be a separate session for poster presentation which will be tagged with lunch and coffee break. At least one author (in case of multiple authors) should be at the poster stand during the poster presentation session to explain the research to the audiences.


Please fill up the ‘Registration Form and send to uqbdaconference@gmail.com. The following registration fees are applied. (i)     $20 for Presenters [who will present their research (oral and/or poster)] (ii)   $10 for Audiences [who will attend the conference, but will not present their research] The registration fee will include a lunch and two light refreshments. Bank details for payment: Account Name: UQ Bangladesh Association BSB: 064158, A/C#: 11030400 Reference: Please mention ‘Conf’ (space) ‘Your middle name’ in the description.


University of Queensland Bangladesh Association (UQBDA).


UQ Advantage Office

Mix and Match (Bangladeshi Grocery Shop, Richland)

Follow-up conference

The feedback and success of this conference will determine the arrangement of this conference in future.

“Thank you very much to visit the website! Looking forward to meet you during the conference!”

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